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Guest of Honor Banquet

What is the Banquet?

The Penguicon Banquet on Saturday, April 23 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM is your best opportunity to guarantee some quality time with your favorite guest. Held in the newly-renovated lobby restaurant of the hotel, there will be five tables, six guests of honor, and a small, select number of diners. We restrict the seating at the banquet to ticket holders only, and we guarantee that no one has to share a guest's attention with more than one table's worth of other diners at the same table. Pick which guest you wish to have dinner with ahead of time, and know that you're assured a seat at their table. Enjoy a good meal and fantastic company without the crunch of the convention crowds.

Pre-Registration for the Guest of Honor Banquet is close. Seats are still available for the Banquet and if you would like to attend we will be taking registration at the Con.

Banquet Ticket Rules
This is Vital Information – Please Read!

  • The Banquet ticket does not automatically include a Penguicon registration.
  • You MUST have a Penguicon registration in order to pick up your Banquet ticket.
  • A Banquet confirmation by itself will NOT be sufficient to get you in to the dinner; you must ALSO have purchased a convention registration and picked up your ticket at Ops.
  • Your space at a table is confirmed at the time Penguicon receives the Paypal payment notice and has determined that there is still seating available, not at any time before.
  • Payments for the Banquet before the convention are ONLY accepted through Paypal. Mail-in payments are not accepted.
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