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Penguicon 3.0

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The Penguicon Masquerade

Run this year By Loren Kuhlmann ( The Masquerade is basically a costume contest. Many Fen LOVE making costumes and showing them off, and conventions are a great place to do that. The Masquerade is an organized showing and judging of such costumes. It's lots of fun to watch as everyone tries to have fun and entertaining presentations to go along with the costumes. If you have a costume, you can enter.

PenguiCon 3.0 Masquerade Rules

1. You must be a member of this Convention to enter the Masquerade.  You must be able to show your badge when asked.

2. Entrants MUST be at the Muster to participate in the Presentations.  You do not have to be judged for workmanship, but you will be given your final instructions and entry number at the Muster.

3. Purchased or rented costumes are not allowed in competition.  Pieces of the costume may be purchased but the costume as a whole must be the design of the entrant.

4. Presentations are limited to 90 seconds.  If you MUST have more time, contact the Masquerade Director.

5. No messy substance will be allowed.  Messy includes anything that can damage another costume or create a hazard to participants and/or spectators.  The Masquerade Director is the final arbiter on this.

6. All weapons or facsimiles must be approved by the Masquerade Director.  The use of weapons onstage (as in a sword fight or duel) is STRONGLY discouraged and will probably not be allowed for safety reasons.

7.     Remember that all entries must be street legal.

8. Entrants will compete at 4 levels.

Junior    Age 13 and under.  If the costume is made and/or designed by an adult, but worn by someone under 13, then that entry is judged as an adult.  A participation certificate will go the entrant

    Novice        Someone who has never won any award in a masquerade or similar competition.

    Journeyman    Someone who has won at least one award, but fewer than 5.

Master    Someone who has won at least five awards in a masquerade or similar competition.

9. Masquerade entries have both a Type and a Category.  Entry Types are either Original Designs or Recreations.  If you have a Recreation, a picture or other appropriate documentation is STRONGLY recommended.  Points are added for documentation.  Entry Categories include SF, Fantasy, Humor, Anime, Beautiful, etc.  Anyone not sure of his or her type or category can ask the Masquerade Director.

10. Workmanship will be judged separately during the muster, and is optional.

11. Copies of these Rules and Entry Forms for the Masquerade will be available at Ops.
        Masquerade Entry forms will be turned in at Ops.

If you have any questions, contact the Masquerade Director.

Loren Duilliath von Kuhlmann
Costumes By Loren
Dealers Room

Penguicon Masquerade Judging Criteria

PenguiCon 3.0

The Masquerade judging is a formal process using a panel of judges who confer to agree on the winners in various categories. Category names may be set in advance or may be determined by the judges if appropriate. Judges use standard forms to score competitors during their Masquerade presentations, then meet afterwards to determine the winners. The awards and the names of winners will be announced as soon as the judges have made their decisions.

Unless otherwise announced, there are no "prizes" associated with the Masquerade Awards. Each Award consists of a Certificate and a ribbon.

- If numbers warrant, we will use the standard class divisions of Novice/Journeyman/Master/Junior. The Director will determine if the class divisions will be used, and an announcement will be made at the start of the Masquerade.
- Judges are expected to use their discretion in deciding how distribute awards. The entry forms ask entrants to select a Type (Original or Recreation) and a Category (SF, Fantasy, Historical, etc.). Awards such as "Best SF" may be given, but it is not necessary to give awards in all such categories if it does not seem warranted. It's nice if there are a fair number of awards, but it is not necessary to give an award to every entrant!
- Award names can be simply descriptive, or somewhat humorous. Humorous award titles are particularly common for Honorable Mentions.
- Juniors all get participation certificates.
- The Director will be available for clarification if required.

Judging should be based on the following criteria (in no particular order):
- Creativity and originality (for original designs) or Faithfulness to the source (for re-creations)
- Theme/concept
- Quality of execution
- Presentation/audience impact
- Overall look and consistency
- Experience level of the entrant should be taken into account, especially in classed competition
These criteria are reflecting in the judging form.

The judging form provided allows the judges to compare their assessments numerically. Judges use the judging form to score participants during their masquerade presentations and to make any relevant notes.
During the judges' deliberations, the Director will provide the original entry forms to help judges reach their decisions.
The Director will provide an award summary sheet for the judges/Director to fill in. The summary sheet is intended to simplify the announcement of awards.

This year we have a presentation for the audience while the judges are making their decisions.  Because of this, the judges are encouraged not to linger over their decisions.  The Director will monitor the judges' deliberations and deal with the documentation.

If you have any questions about the masquerade please contact the Masquerade Director.

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