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Room Parties

Penguicon would like to see room parties. Lots and lots of room parties! HUGE room parties!! And we're going to help try to make your room party a success. For every group that registers their room party ahead of time with the convention, we can make the following things available

  • A spiffy mention of your room party in our Program Book, including a description of your group. (A great help for WorldCon bid parties!)
  • Advance announcement of your room party on the Penguicon web site.
  • A link to your group's web site (if you have one) published on the Penguicon website "Links" page.
  • A mention of your room party on the hotel's information channel.
  • Help with room placement in the hotel, to insure you don't wind up in the "out of the way" location. (Unless, that is, you WANT that out of the way location.)

How could you possibly pass this up? But wait - there's MORE! You will also receive one coupon for broadband hotel room internet access per night that you have a party. Please e-mail all questions and any requests to register a room party to:

ConClave 30
Friday and Saturday night
Come and have a really great time


Synthetic ConFusion
Friday and Saturday nights, 8 pm til late
Good food, good drink, good company


Friday and Saturday night
Starts at 9pm goes "go until we fall asleep or the beer runs out.
Whichever happens second"
UHACC is returning to reinvent our very successful room party from last year. Come, unplug, relax, and hang out!

link: UHACC -

The Pirate Party
Saturday night roaming the halls between 8 pm and 2 am
We're the pirates, and we're a roving party in a pirate ship. We'll have lots of food and fun for all.

LUG Party
Friday night 8 pm -midnight

YAAARC Room Party
Saturday 8 pm to midnight
Robotic fun


Homestar Runner Party
Saturday 9 pm

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