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Penguicon 3.0

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Penguicon 2.0 Reports

Linux World Magazine did a write-up on Penguicon.

Penguicon's very own Anne Murphy (who was Neil Gaiman's amazingly efficient Guest Liason during con) does a Penguicon report for the online SF/Fantasy book review fanzine Emerald City.

Rob Balder, creator of webcomic PartiallyClips, wrote a fantastic review.

Livejournal blog commentary on Penguicon from Staticfree.

A tale of Penguicon, Nepalese food, and the now-notorious red air gun, by the Untitled Writers' Group poster known only as 'Lisa'. (P.S. Lisa contacted us, and let us know that she does have a perfectly servicable last name, that of Leutheuser, which she only leaves off her postings to save space. Proof that you folks are actually reading this page!)

The Metro Times, Metro Detroit's News, Arts & Culture Weekly, sends Science Fiction fan Cornelius Fortune to take a look at Penguicon in this Rear Window column. He finds Luke Ski, Neil Gaiman, and the masquerade, among other things.

Bill Baker, who does the weekly comic industry interview column "Baker's Dozen" for World Famous Comics online, caused us to blush by saying "Quite simply, [Penguicon] 2 was perhaps the single best run, most fun 'working con' I've ever had the pleasure to attend, and you can rest assured that I will make sure to inform everyone I can of that fact. In fact, I've already begun to tell folks about my experience and urging them to consider attending themselves, whether as pros or fans." Thanks Bill!

Trillian, Pete Abrams' Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer over at Sluggy Freelance, says "Pete and I had an utter blast once again, as we've come to expect from Penguicon." Isn't she just incredibly perceptive?

Penguicon Nifty Guest Howard Tayler says Penguicon 2.0 was "by far the most fun I've had at a convention of any sort, ever." But don't take our word for it, read his con report.

Read comments from Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games, and take his fully virtual photo tour of Penguicon 2.0! (It's fully virtual because there aren't any photos. Yet.)

Would you believe that there's now a Penguicon LiveJournal? Take a look, and contribute your own con reports. (Thanks to temujin9 for this!)

Penguicon articles hit The Oakland Press twice: once before the convention on April 4th, and once during the con on Sunday, April 18th. And they took a great picture of the back of Jorge's head!

Neil Gaiman returns exhausted but triumphant (after winning a Nebula for "Coraline") from Penguicon weekend, and has nice things to say about the con and the other guests.

Brian of caught a few panels and talks about them here, but wishes he had spent more time at the con.

The Unix Hobbyists' Administrators' & Coders' Club has an entire Forum Section devoted to Penguicon. We LOVE these folks!

Scott Collins, Penguicon 2.0 technical presenter, talks about his session and the con in general.

Award-winning author Sarah Zettel talks about her experience at Penguicon 2.0; including an important comment about not shooting at the guests.

Wil Wheaton vents some frustration in his blog about the non-conflict that kept him from Penguicon. We know how he feels!

Jinx (Gamers, Geeks, & Hackers) calls Penguicon 2.0 "A very excellent Linux Hackers / Science Fiction convention." on their con calendar.

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