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Swordfighting Track

Friday, April 22, 2005

6-7 Panel – Painful, Preventable, Self Inflicted – Stories of Swordfighting

7-8 Panel – Death by Teacup – Improvised weapons (for role playing purposes only, of course!)
“I am going to kill you with this teacup." A classic movie line, but how real?  Learn about the fine art of "winging it" in a fight, and teach some people, like your GM, some new tricks!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

2-3 am Panel - Swordfighting in the Movies
Pierce Brosnan in Die another Day, Antonio Banderas in 13th Warrior, Vigo Morgenstern in Lord of the Rings. Come see and discuss some of the best and most realistic swordfights in the movies. Includes a discussion on the historical accuracy of Troy, King Arthur, 13th Warrior, and others.

11-12 Panel: Aegis – Who are we?
Are we a Secret Society? No, of course not! Or are we a community of geeks dedicated to supporting our members in their endeavours? Are these two really all that different? Come learn about who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.
 12-3 Swordfighting Demonstrations

3-4 Panel: How to Throw a Party
“I’m coming up... So you better get the party started!” But where do you start? Food? Music? Atmosphere? Learn what’s necessary to throw an effective party that people will remember.

4-5 Traditional Viking Swordfighting Tournament
Come experience the excitement and tension of a traditional Viking Holmgang Tournament. Pick your favorite fighter, cheer them to victory and see who becomes Aegis’ first Penguicon champion!

4-5 Black Sweater Party Registration

5-7 Black Sweater Party
Do you like SWAT movies, or the Rainbow Six game series? Come learn how real SWAT teams clear buildings and rescue hostages and participate in hands-on simulations. NO REAL WEAPONS PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Registration required to participate.

10-11 Port Party – Invitation only, 20 Reservations available
Experience the tradition of a British Navel Port Party. Port, Snack, Ceremony, and great conversation abound. Space is limited, please reserve your seat at the Aegis demos in Ballrooms C/D on Saturday. Over 21 only please.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

12-1 Panel: Swordfighting in the Movies

1-3 Swordfighting Demonstrations

3-4 Panel: Our Senior Students Discuss Our Program
Our advanced students discuss the Aegis Sword Academy program through their own experiences. Come, ask them about what they’ve learned and how Aegis has influenced their lives.

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